Pet Eye Cleaning Wipes Nonwoven Deodorizing Soft Dog Wet Wipe

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  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
  • Feature: Stocked
  • Application: Small Animals
  • Material: Cloth, FIBER
  • Specification: 80 piece/bag
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    Pet Wipes
    Material: Nonwoven/ Cotton/Bamboo/Flushable/Charcoal/Paper etc
    Fragrance: Scented or Unscented
    Technics: Plain, Mesh, Embossed, Flushable, Cartoon Printing etc.
    Packing Amount: Single pack, 5's/pack, 10's/pack, 15's/pack, 20's/pack, 80's/pack, customized
    Packing Bags: Plastic container, canister, PE Bag with Reusable Sticker Open, with plastic lid, and other
    Color: Customized
    Sizes: 15x20cm, 18x18cm, 18x20cm, 12.6x17.6cm, 5x5cm etc. customized
    GSM: 18-100
    MOQ: Negotiable
    Delivery: 15-25days
    Other Services: OEM, Customized all Specifications, One-to-one Service, Providing factory inspection
    Packaging Details: 80pcs/bag,24bags/carton.
    Port: Shanghai/Ningbo


    High grade non-woven, more thicker, softer and tender for cleaning;
    Gentle enough for pet's delicate skin, hands, and face, no viscous feeling after using;
    Hypoallergenic natural formula contains aloe vera and Vitamin E, can effectively maintain moisture on baby's skin;
    Chlorine free, alcohol free, and unscented;
    Convenient packing provides a quick and easy way to take baby fur on the way.


    1. The pet wipes can be thrown away after use. Do not try to soak them with water for repeated use.
    2. Some pets may feel resistance at the beginning. The owner should appease them, don't force them too much, and let the pets get used to using wet wipes gradually.


    1. Before using pet wipes for cute pets, pet owners should also pay attention to cleaning their hands first. You can wipe your hands with pet wipes first.
    2. Pets are more likely to have problems with eye mucus or tear marks, so you can use pet wipes to gently wipe your pet's eyes.
    3. Small pets like to run around, and dogs need to go out, so it is very important to keep their paws clean. It is best to use pet wipes to clean the four claws when the pet is lying down. If one is not clean, you can use more than one.
    4. Pets will have peculiar smell, and pet wipes can remove peculiar smell to a certain extent because they are used for pets, so use it regularly to wipe the pet's back or body to reduce the peculiar smell problem.

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