What Are Disposable Puppy Training Pads?

What Are Disposable Puppy Training Pads?
Puppies usually urinate more often in comparison to bigger dogs – and while a bigger dog might only need to go two or three times a day, a puppy might have to go several times. This might be no problem if you live in a house with your own backyard, but if you live in an apartment on the higher floors, it might be very inconvenient.
This is where a puppy training pad comes in. This pad will absorb your puppy’s urine, usually preventing any odours from slipping out. It is also a good option for winter time when your puppy might feel queasy about going out in the cold.
Plus, until your doggy is ready to break out and urinate outside, these pads represent a great alternative to having your house soaked with pee.

What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages
Disposable puppy training pads are exactly what their name suggests: puppy pads that you only use just once. They are like diapers, but they will go on the floor rather than on your puppy – making them a good choice if you don’t want your puppy peeing all over the place.
Since this product is disposable, you can only use it once. Most disposable puppy pads have a gel core that will trap the urine and prevent any odors from coming out.
Once the puppy has finished doing his or her business, all you have to do is take the pad, throw it away, and put a new one there instead. You will not have to spend your time washing reusable puppy pads and other yucky tasks.
The disadvantage is that disposable puppy pads are very easy to shred. The material from which these items are made of is very thin – sort of like paper. And you know that dogs enjoy chewing and shredding things very much – particularly when it comes to materials like this. Not only will it end up in shreds on the floor, but it will end up in pee-soaked shreds on the floor.

How Much Do Disposable Puppy Training Pads Cost?
At first, it might seem like disposable potty-training pads represent the most cost-effective solution – but in truth, they are not. Not if you plan on using them very often.
A pack of 100 disposable pads generally costs somewhere around £20, which is good if you only temporarily want to have your doggy pee inside (i.e. until the cold passes and he manages to walk outside by himself). The cost will also depend on the brand that you go with.
Still, if you are planning to use them on a regular basis (for instance, if you do not have the time to walk your dog every morning), then these training pads might not be that cost-effective. If you keep buying these pads, you will end up paying much more for them. I recommend these disposable puppy pads.

Post time: Sep-23-2022